Toshiba has been showing off its consumer electronics range spanning some 100 products due for UK launch in the coming months. Its biggest line up yet, the range spans LCD screens and TVs of every type as well as a number of home cinema and standalone DVD recordable devices.

Having seen a 330 percent rise in the flatpanel market, it has 10 new LCD TVs from 14 to 42in set for UK release. Of these, the high-end models, the 32in 32WL46 and 26WL46, will include an Active Vision LCD processor. This, the company claims, provides superior contrast, colour reproduction, detail and movement – something that has until recently hobbled the suitability of LCD for video playback. These will be launched next month.

Of the remaining models, one, the 17WLT46 17in TV will come with a built-in Freeview digital TV tuner at a price premium of £100 over the £699 17in screen of the same size. Both are due for launch in June. Component video connections will enable customers to use them both as TV sets in their own right or hook them up to a PC or laptop for dual use.

Anticipating a recordable DVD market penetration of 60 percent this year, Toshiba will update its existing RD-XS32 80GB hard disk DVD recorder with a model (the RD-XS33) which boasts a hard disk capacity of 160GB and that will be able to record to DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM as well as reading all prerecorded DVD disks and those created by the user. The RD-XS33 will be available from September. Pricing has yet to be decided.

Combination TV sets with built in DVD players also form part of Toshiba’s 2004 line up. It will launch the 23in 3WLD46 and a 17in 17WLD46 LCD TV/DVD combo models.

Recognising that most UK homes now have at least one device capable of playing DVDs, Toshiba is to launch a portable version with a carry case suitable for in-car use or on the road. The SD-P1400 has a battery life of three-and-a-half hours, a remote control, headphone socket, a pop-up lid disguising the DVD drive and a 7in TFT screen. It is expected to retail for about £399 including VAT.

Other products set for launch this year include plasma screens, CRT and rear projection TV sets, home cinema projectors and packages with five-speakers setups to augment the audio playback of Toshiba's DVD players.