Toshiba has been forced to recall some of its Pocket PC e740 personal digital assistants today. The affected models, bearing the serial numbers 72014641L through 92041620L, can experience data loss if the battery is completely drained or removed for some reason, according to the company.

Toshiba says it hasn't received any customer complaints, and is voluntarily recalling the products in order to maintain product quality control.

Any customers who own one of these devices (the serial numbers can be found printed on the back of the e740) should call their local Toshiba partner to find out how to get their product serviced to correct this error.

While customers are encouraged to return their products for servicing, Toshiba says you can continue to use the e740 without data loss if you follow some simple precautions: never let the battery discharge fully; never disconnect the battery; regularly back up stored data; and always connect the e740 to mains power when you change the battery.

To locate your local Toshiba partner either call 01932 828 828 or visit