Today Toshiba launches the most slimline, stylish Pocket PC PDA (personal digital assistant) to date — and what's more it's also the cheapest on the market.

PC Advisor was lucky enough to get some time with the e310 — see our exclusive review online.

Aimed at the consumer market, the e310 owes more to the raft of Palm-based devices than it does to Toshiba's other PDA, the high-end e570. The e310 will only be on sale through retail channels. Toshiba has yet to sign up Dixons Stores Group, but the firm said this is likely to come 'quite soon'.

Put the e310 and the Palm m515 side by side and the resemblance is uncanny, and that's not where the similarities end. The e310 weighs in at 140g, just 1g more than the Palm and is 12mm thick, 1mm thinner than its rival.

At £314 (excl. VAT) the Toshiba also costs £1 less than the m515, the first time a Pocket PC device has managed to undercut Palm on price.

To keep it so slim Toshiba has dropped the Type II Compact Flash slot found on the e570 in favour of the Secure Digital method used by Palm, which means storage is more limited.

This is where the similarities end, as the e310 runs Pocket PC 2002 and as such comes with all the applications you would expect, including Pocket Word and Excel. It is powered by the same 206MHz StrongARM processor found in the e570, but its lower price is reflected by the lower onboard storage — it has just 32MB RAM, as opposed to 64MB. The screen is the same 3.5in colour TFT unit.

You can add on a Bluetooth card for £125, £14 more than the equivalent Palm card, which is odd as Toshiba makes both. Unlike the Compact Flash card used by e570, the SD version allows you to sync via Bluetooth with a PC or notebook.