Tiny Computers has launched a web-based support service in an attempt to reduce the number of calls to its customer services hotline. The new part of the site will run alongside the telephone call centres as the company strives to improve its aftersales support.

Offering answers to frequently asked questions as well as troubleshooting guides and a regularly updated driver database, the site aims to negate the need for customers to call tech support. Tiny wants to cut incoming service calls by as much as 90 percent.

But Tiny Press Officer, Oenone Hobbs, denied that the new service signalled an intention to reduce the number of operators in call centres. "We're simply giving the customer a choice," she said. With fewer people calling in, customers will get a better service as "the operators will be able to spend more time on each of the calls," claimed Hobbs.

Brand-new Tiny systems already come preinstalled with two free support packages, Tiny Trainer and 2nd Chance, and the launch of additional online support would seem to indicate that these programs aren't providing users with the required level of help for DIY problem solving.

Tiny is planning more changes to its customer service operation in September, although it was unable to give any indication of what those plans might entail, other than to say it is "trying to make life as easy as possible for customers".