Tiny Computers has just completed phasing out its remaining AMD processors in favour of Intel chips, despite having pledged its commitment to AMD in September last year.

The 20-year-old British PC maker has sold off its Athlon-based boxes and is now stepping out exclusively with Intel for the foreseeable future, the company confirmed.

Tiny said it thought both Intel and AMD had good products but it was more attracted to the former's "inside strategy" and its plans for the future. Others in the industry have said Tiny's decision was more to do with the financial aspect of the deal it was offered than Intel's so-called 'roadmap'. The company's strategy which will be formally revealed to its customers in two weeks' time, Intel said.

"They've more or less done an about-turn," said Mesh's marketing manager, John Hendrick. "Intel machines generally tend to be more expensive, but lately Intel has not been as proactive in the market as they could have been," he added.

Richard Baker, Northern European marketing manager for AMD, said the company was disappointed about the loss but remained pragmatic. "This is just the way business works. Tiny likes to be exclusively with one or the other of us, but we hope to win them back one day. They must have been given an offer they couldn't refuse," said Baker.

In spite of AMD's somewhat reserved reaction, it is in fact quite a blow to its UK operation. Tiny, one of the country's top three indigenous PC makers, sells more than 200,000 units a year, said Baker. "Almost all of those housed AMD processors."

Mesh prefers a less exclusive approach. Hendrick said, "It is still very much a two-horse race. We think it is prudent to support AMD and Intel both."