The day after Tiny showed off its all-in-one entertainment centre Time belatedly drags its offer out the side door. Both Tiny and Time had been developing systems with DVD, CD, PC, web, game and hifi capabilities, but Time's offering is just not of the same calibre.

Tiny's Takami is a TV, whereas Time's Player just plugs into one. Tiny's Takami records to a hard disk; Time's Player does not. Time does have pre-loaded IBM voice recognition software, and its price tag is half that of the Takami.

Like the Takami, the Player is essentially a PC with lots of entertaining add-ons (we're waiting for someone to call one a 'centretainment'). But, at £499 inc. VAT, it beats by half the cheapest Takami option.

For more details on Time's Player and Tiny's Takami see the June issue of PC Advisor, in the shops from 26 April.