Hot on the heels of Evesham's pre-Christmas online stock clearance, PC retailer Time is clearing the decks with a Boxing Day half price sale.

In an attempt to shift its image from not-so-cheap-and-cheerful box-shifter to a premier league high street retailer, Time will be offering DVD rental vouchers alongside family home entertainment PCs.

In contrast to archrival Tiny, the Burnley-based showroom retailer believes the future lies in high margin consumables — such as inkjet cartridges — and peripheral devices, rather than bog-standard hardware.

According to Time you'll be able to save £900 on its Family PC, powered by an AMD XP 1600+ processor, a barely adequate 128MB of memory, a skimpy 20GB hard disk, a somewhat out of date 15in monitor, an HP Apollo 1200 colour inkjet printer and over 50 educational software titles.

Justifying the £899 price point, a spokesperson for the company said the same package would have cost £1,799 back in October.

If you want to pick up a notebook, the Time Traveller D900, which houses an AMD mobile Duron processor running at 900MHz will put you back £999.

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