Funny sites in Google Street View, product user guides and how to re-use old PCs: these are a few of your favourite things. We publish 100s of features on all kinds of PC and consumer technology, and these are the most read features from 2010, culminating in the definitive answer to that hoary old question: which is best, a Mac or a Windows PC.

Number 10: 11 funny UK sights on Google Street View

We trawled Google Street View to find some of the funniest images captured in the UK. From Brits totally disregarding signs, to little sisters beating up their brothers, we're sure this collection of 11 images is sure to make you chuckle.

Number 9: The ultimate Apple iPhone user guide

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular products in history, a success built in equal parts on ease of use and desirability. But being easy to use doesn't preclude problems, and a handy user guide proved popular with PC Advisor readers...

Number 8: The 16 best free iPhone Apps did this guide to the best apps you can get for your iPhone that won't cost you a penny. The cost of owning an iPhone doesn't stop with the cost of purchase and contract. Use an Apple iOS device and you find yourself being drawn into multiple purchases of Apps, which can range in cost from free to £6.99 or more. But free isn't always good value, and iPhone users can waste a lot of time and money downloading pointless or useless applications. Not with our guide to the best freebies there are.

Number 7: 10 ways to re-use an old PC

Not only is it not a good idea to simply throw away an old PC, these days it's against the WEEE regulations, which insist you recycle. And anyway, throwing away computer hardware is such a waste, when there are 10 great ways to get further use from your desktop or laptop PCs. Read this article and even if you don't thank us, your friends, family or local charity will.

Number 6: Can you use the Apple iPad as a laptop?

If you're anything like me, you'd really like to own an Apple iPad, but can't think of a good reason to do so. Help is at hand. In this feature we sent a colleague on a business trip armed only with an iPad and no laptop. We thought it'd be interesting to see how they got on and, evidently, so did you.

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