Research by insurer Direct Line today revealed that it is not we Londoners who are leading the technology race, but instead it is our Scottish and Western counterparts, who are in fact the biggest fans of technology.

The report, undertaken by research group, polled consumers aged 25 and over across the country to ascertain their attitudes towards technology in the home.

Surprisingly it was Southerners — traditionally associated with being richer than their Northern compadres — who were more discerning when buying new technology, with over a quarter (26 percent) intelligently preferring to wait until the technology becomes established.

"There is common misconceptions that people in the South East lead the way in the purchase and use of technology, but our research reveals quite the opposite," said Richard Coombe, head of e-commerce at Direct Line.

"We should remember that the UK as a whole is more 'switched on' than any other European country and this is reflected in the high levels of traffic receives every month," he added.

The West Country led the way in mainstream consumer technology, with a massive 94 percent owning more than one television compared to 74 percent in London, 60 percent owning a compact disc player compared to London's 40 percent and 69 percent a mobile phone next to London's surprisingly low 55 percent.

Scotland was the largest hotspot for other technologies, including DVD players (64 percent) and personal stereos (46 percent).Scottish respondents also had the largest amount of PDAs (17 percent), while London tipped the 14 percent mark.

But it?s not all bad news for the South which retained a three percent lead in laptop consumption nudging slightly ahead of Welsh respondents' 30 percent.

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