A good way to spot the next big technology trend is to keep an eye on the businesses and organisations venture capitalists (VCs) are pouring their billions into. After all, they're about making money, so they look for ideas and trends that will lead to guaranteed profits.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, VCs invested a total of $57bn (£28.5bn) in startups between 2005 and 2007, and most of those were tech companies.

We've rounded-up the ten biggest tech startups that we think will revolutionise some aspect of IT. Whether its through a completely new technology, an innovative approach within existing areas or a new way of applying a technology to solve an age-old problem, these companies could well change the way you use technology.

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  1. We chart the ones to watch in the future of tech
  2. Aerohive Network
  3. How Cohesive Flexible Technologies will feature in the future of technology
  4. The technology being employed by Earthmine
  5. Montego Networks
  6. Perceptive Pixel - a name to remember
  7. Why Ribbit will feature in the future of technology
  8. The importance of StackSafe
  9. V-Kernal