Telewest has waived the requirement for its unmetered internet customers to spend a minimum amount per month on voice calls.

The telco's unrestricted service, SurfUnlimited, still costs £10 per month but now has no additional conditions, call charges or time restrictions, making it one of the cheapest offers in the UK and certainly the simplest.

Telewest's head of marketing Chad Raube said that a lot of would-be surfers are wary of the small print that accompanies so-called 'unlimited access' deals, as some ISPs disguise the fact that there are time restrictions and a confusing array of charges.

Raube added that SurfUnlimited has never had any of these provisos attached but, by taking away the voice call requirement for the package, it is now even more straightforward, making it "as good value as possible".

"By removing the voice calls requirement, we have created a service with absolutely no strings attached and we are confident the simplicity of the service will encourage even more homes to try out the internet for the first time."

Telewest currently claims 250,000 dialup internet subscribers in the UK.