ISP Telewest has been inundated with demand for its 2Mbps broadband trial. Over 500 customers signed up for the offer within an hour. All 1,500 spaces for its 2Mbps service were filled by its current 1Mbps customers in just 12 hours, showing demand for even faster web connections is very strong.

On Tuesday BT Wholesale announced that 600,000 customers had subscribed to its broadband services. Not to be outdone, Telewest today hit back with its own figures, announcing it has signed up almost 300,000 customers to its Blueyonder service. Most of Telewest’s 297,000 customers opted for the 512Kbps service which costs £25 per month while the remaining 31,000 chose its £39.99 high-speed 1Mbps service.

Telewest said it may extend the 2Mbps trial in the future. For now, though, it is concentrating its efforts on getting all current 1,500 people upgraded within the next couple of days. But what is clear from the overwhelming demand is that people are prepared to pay more money for a faster connection.

According to a Telewest spokesman "10 percent of all our customers have upgraded to the 1Mbps service which is evidence that people are prepared to pay a premium for a faster service. The demand is definitely there". "Obviously it's not going to be for everyone but for us the main point is that customers have a choice."

No pricing has yet been set for the 2Mps service. The company said this would be down to customer feedback.