Compaq was one of just a handful of companies to launch a new PC this week at the show formerly known as PC Expo. The company today announced an ultra-lightweight subnotebook powered by two batteries at the renamed TechXNY show in New York.

Compaq's Evo N200 subnotebook weighs just 1.1kg and stands a little over 20mm tall. It is so small it will fit into an 8x11in envelope, claims Compaq. The Evo has a battery life of up to eight hours and comes loaded with 128MB of memory and a 20GB hard drive.

The notebook is powered by an Intel Ultra Low Voltage Mobile Pentium III processor and comes with two lithium-ion batteries. It offers both wired and wireless connectivity, supporting Compaq's PC cards as well as Bluetooth technology. Evo N200 users can also hardwire to their existing land-based network using an integrated modem.

The new notebook is due for release later this year, the company says, but pricing has yet to be announced.