FujiFilm has unveiled a mobile phone-compatible digital still camera for its FinePix series.

Images recorded by the camera can be immediately downloaded to, and sent by, a mobile phone, the company announced yesterday. At the moment the unit is only built to connect to Japanese phones.

The 2Mp (megapixel) FinePix 30i is compatible with some of KDDI's mobile handsets. By connecting the camera to a handset via a cable, people can download images to mobile phones and send them to other handsets via wireless internet services.

Like the other FinePix series cameras, this model features FujiFilm's 'Picture the Future' service. When the camera is connected to a PC using a USB (universal serial bus) cable, thumbnails of images stored in the camera can be viewed. Users are then directed to the company's photo printing service on the web to order prints chosen from the thumbnails, Chisato Yoshizawa said for FujiFilm.

In addition, the camera has an MP3 audio function that allows users to listen to music for four and a half hours and to record audio for 160 minutes with a 128MB SmartMedia card, according to the firm. Up to 166 still images can be stored.

The camera's compact design, at 85x73x30mm, weighing of 150g, is targeted at young people, Yoshizawa said. The camera will be on sale in Japan from the end of Japan priced at around £370 ex VAT (converted).

The company plans to ship the product overseas, but does not expect export versions to be equipped with the mobile phone function at first, Yoshizawa said.