For corporations that want to keep in closer contact with their customers, Sanyo has developed a tablet PC that it intends to launch at the end of this month, the company has announced.

Sanyo is hoping to sell the device to companies that want to 'keep in close contact with their customers' — in other words, it's possible companies could bundle the device for you in return for a subscription to a set of services, similar to digital TV companies' provision of keyboards and set-top boxes.

Equipped with a 32 bit-Risc (reduced instruction set computer) processor, the WTP-500 Screo has a total of 20MB of flash memory, 32MB of SDRAM, a 7.8in colour LCD (liquid crystal display) touch-screen, keyboard and PC card slot for wireless internet connections. It measures 240x195x141mm and weighs one kilogram, said Akihiko Ohiwa for Sanyo.

Corporations will be able to customise the interface software and Sanyo expects to see it used in a range of applications, such as distribution of advertising and information from retail stores to their customers or as a substitute for textbooks for teachers and students, said Ohiwa.

The product, priced at around £685 plus tax (converted) per unit to corporates, will be on sale at the end of October.