Auctions are getting bigger online, and now people can swap goods online with alerts sent to their mobile phones. Webswappers, an online swap shop, has launched its Wap 'channel'. This lets Webswapper members access their accounts via Wap phones, and should mean people able to swap items even when they're not sitting in front of their PCs.

The site allows you to swap almost anything, from a Jaguar XJ6 (no, really, there was one there when we looked) to children’s story books - shame you can’t swap them for one another. Online auctions are more popular than many people had expected, but it's yet to be seen whether swapping can do as well. Swapping goods does negate some of the more troublesome cross-border legal issues for online trading in Europe, though.

“Wap has received some criticism to date for failing to meet the expectations of users,” said Jonathan Attwood, CEO of Webswappers. Using simple alerts to get people to respond instantly, rather than needing to make the effort to sit in front of their PCs, has been long touted as a way to make you part with your cash online.