SureFish, the ethical ISP managed by charity Christian Aid, today relaunched its popular web portal adding a number of new sections.

The website features a new ethical living section, giving visitors advice on everything from home insulation to organic gardening. Other sections educate people on the projects Christain Aid carries out, such as the global youth work initiative, offering people the chance to take part.

The pretext of the site is to create "standards of openness". This means every commercial partner is vetted to ensure neither they nor their customers are involved with practices or trades in any way exploitative, environmentally unsound or unfair.

"With SureFish you can surf the internet and support a good cause at the same time without paying extra. All profits from SureFish go to Christian Aid's work in fighting global poverty," said Michael Wignall, SureFish's publisher.

SureFish also announced a range of new services including broadband, wireless broadband and pay-as-you-go internet access, a free email service and personal web space.

Christian Aid's credit card, which will be launched tomorrow, provides a great excuse to do more shopping. Not only does each new account automatically generate £15 for charity, but every £100 spent on the card will also make 25p for good causes.

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