Cashing in on parents concerns, Nostrad, has used its experience in corporate IT asset management and security to create eBlaster, a software tool that allows secret remote PC monitoring.

The product, which can be installed on a PC without the user knowing anything about it, provides full email reporting — incoming and outgoing — with attachments if required, and can be used with web-based mail systems like Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. It also tracks chatroom activity, and even provides full conversation logging, a keystroke logger, website visit information, including full web page details, and keyword alerts.

It can be set to monitor activity as frequently as every 30 minutes but, if a keyword alert goes off, usage will be reported immediately. Parents, or anyone else suspicious about how a PC is being used on the net, can monitor the target PC either from another computer in the room next door, or from one at a remote location hundreds of miles away.

Perfect for parents to track kids' use while they are a work, or for worried partners to check up on home when they are away on business.

Not only can eBlaster keep an eye on what's happening on the PC now and in the future, it even comes with the facility to carry out an audit so you can view past internet usage. The software will also check up on the specification of your PC to make sure the supplier sold you what you asked for.

EBlaster costs £59.99 and can be bought online.