PC Advisor has received a nasty new variant of the irritating spam phenomenon. The message, sent from DarkProfits.com using the email address [email protected], demands that recipients send off their credit card details to allow the company to launder $234.65.

But what makes this email particularly unpleasant is the reason given as to why you should hand over the money: "because you are either child pornography webmaster or deal with dirty money, which require us to layndry [sic] them".

The poor spelling and grammar should be enough to persuade most people that this email is a fake, but the idea behind the scam is that there will be certain people foolish enough to email back their credit card number for the company to use or sell, according to the NHTCU (National Hi-Tech Crime Unit).

When we spoke to the NHTCU it said it had received many calls about this mail, although the senders do seem to have changed their domain name as the other messages came from Carder.org, which has since been taken down.

The NHTCU suggests that anyone receiving such an email should report it immediately to their ISP's abuse line before deleting it. This will allow the ISP to block any further mail from that domain.

While the NHTCU says it's doing its utmost to trace the people behind the scam, it is often impossible to discover such identities. But a spokesman said that it welcomes calls alerting it to new internet scams.

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