Aiming at the high end audio and video market (read: people who are serious about their home entertainment and have the money to match), Sony will this October launch a combination optical disc player that supports both DVD-Video and the company's new Super Audio CD format (SACD).

The DVP-S9000ES is the first device to combine a high-end player for both formats.

On the DVD-Video side, the machine is the first from Sony to incorporate a new MPEG Image Processor.

The noise reduction technology used in the player was designed for use with MPEG digital video, unlike previous machines, which used processors primarily designed for analog systems.

It also includes a filter that helps to eliminate some of the "block noise" problems sometimes encountered on digital video signals, such as those from DVD.

Sony is also employing a disc tracking mechanism more advanced than those found on most optical disc players.

The system moves the CD and not the laser to ensure better tracking and fewer errors and is usually found on high-end models. It also means disc access is faster, according to the company.

On the SACD side of the machine, the DVP-9000ES incorporates the same audio processing circuitry as Sony's original, and much more expensive, Super Audio CD players.

Start saving up now as the gizmo is likely to be priced at around £1300.