Flying in the face of the IT industry’s leading market watchers, PC Advisor readers appear positively sanguine when it comes to the slowdown in PC sales.

While top analysts from companies such as IDC reckon it will be 2003 before the PC market starts to pick up, a third of respondents to a recent PC Advisor poll don’t believe the industry is actually in any kind of recession.

Just over a quarter of those polled (27.7 percent) thought the situation so bad that running from the hills was the only solution. Nevertheless nearly three quarters of those polled thought of something positive when they voted.

Around a quarter believe things will improve by next year and 16.3 percent say things will pick up by Christmas. This is in line with the Microsoft/Intel view of the world, which predicts a combination of dramatic price cuts on Pentium 4 processors and the arrival of Windows XP will herald an upturn.

Contributors to the PC Advisor website forums appear to be equally unfazed by the current state of the market, despite the month of July recording the first ever downturn in PC sales.

"What goes around comes around as far as economics are concerned, and it seems that it is nigh on impossible to stabilise an economy for long," says IT consultant Peter Thomas. "We'll no doubt be in a trough for a while [certainly we will in the IT industry], but things will change for the better eventually, and off we go again."

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