Love it or hate it, Siri is quite a hit, and not just for it's general voice assistant capabilities. If you're not content with it helping you control your iPhone 4S (or jailbroken iPhone), it can also start your car, play the piano and set the thermostat. Sadly, your laptop was left out of all the voice control fun, until now. Enter Air Dictate.

Air Dictate by Avatron essentially brings voice control to the Mac. For example, say you want to continue working on a document, but have your hands full with something else. By using the technology behind Siri, the app allows you speak into your iPhone, which will recognize your voice and relay it to your computer in text form, to any application that uses text input.

After picking up the $1 app, head to Avatron's website to download the Air Dictate Receiver software for your Mac and make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. From there, you'll be able to get started with Air Dictate. Of course, the downside is that AirDictate only works on Macs at present and, as far as the developer is aware, it only supports the iPhone 4S--no jailbroken iPhone 4 allowed.

While it does seem to be quite a long-winded way of using speech-to-text, it could be a handy tool for multitaskers, slow typists, or note-takers, or even those who need a little help forming sentences in writing. The app requires at least Mac OS X 10.6.8 and is available in the App Store now.

[iTunes via The Verge]

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