As processors speed up, performance increases — but so does noise. Faster CPUs give out more heat which means more fans are needed to keep them cool, adding to the racket. Today, motherboard manufacturer AOpen has launched what it hopes will be a solution to this problem: SilentTek.

AOpen has studied how fans work to cool PC components and discovered that in many cases they don't need to run at such high speed all the time to keep the CPU from overheating. It found that by running the cooling fans at the correct speed it could keep the processor from overheating, while also cutting noise and power consumption.

To help users control fan cooling it came up with the SilentTek utility. This allows you to monitor the temperature of your CPU and chassis, set overheat levels which will warn you if things are hotting up inside your PC, and adjust fan speeds to balance cooling with noise emission.

A Smart fan control, which can be used in any PC case, uses an algorithm developed by AOpen to adjust fan speed based on CPU and ambient temperatures. If you are not running many applications and the load on the processor is light, you could find that your fan is almost always running at zero, according to AOpen.

A Fixed fan control allows you to set the fan at a particular speed, while a Multiple level control lets you adjust the speed of the fan in relation to temperature. For AOpen PC housings there is a Recommended Setting, that's preset to keep fan noise to a minimum while maintaining the correct temperature level.

The SilentTek utility will be bundled with all AOpen motherboard accessory kits, and is included in all the latest models. AOpen plans to offer a downloadable version that will be free for AOpen motherboards.