IT training portal,, has been launched hot on the heels of a
report from research firm MORI, which revealed that the Internet had become the
main tool for finding training information.

The MORI poll revealed that 54 percent of Internet users go to the web to search
for training information. This is compared to only 17 per cent that go to their
company?s human resources department and 15 per cent that try their local
college. The survey also revealed that 22 percent of respondents discovered
unique training information on the web.

However 86 per cent said that the information they found was often not well
organised. This has led to the launch of has already attracted 95 training companies to offer over
150,000 courses through their portal. These courses can be sifted geographically
and compared through pricing and also via a star rating system. The verdicts
will be the results of feedback from previous course attendees.

The site will also offer a library of useful IT information, an advice center,
listings of professional bodies, and a wide range of sample question papers for
training courses. There will also be a recruitment area.

Integration of the site into a businesses human resources and knowledge
management systems is also available. This will allow employees to access the
portal through a company intranet.

Nick Stern, chairman of the London School of Economics, and shortly to be
appointed as Chief Economist of The World Bank, said: "Competition and
technology skills and training are what is driving the economy at the moment. It
is vital that the UK workforce has the skills to compete in the new world