Mobile phone developer Sendo has begun legal proceedings against Orange, accusing it of infringing on a patent relating to the design of a smartphone circuit board.

The suit, initiated in London's High Court of Justice, centres on Orange's SPV smartphone which, says Sendo, was built using its intellectual property. Sendo is seeking damages and an injunction to restrain sales of the SPV.

"Sendo has created intellectual property rights within the smartphone and mobile phone area. We have been advised by our patent agents that the Orange SPV smartphone infringes on these rights," Sendo CEO Hugh Brogan said in a statement issued yesterday.

Representatives for Orange were not available to comment.

Orange is not the only company Sendo has taken to court over smartphone technology. Last December, the Birmingham-based phone developer sued Microsoft, charging the software maker with having a "secret plan" to steal its knowledge during a partnership to get a leg up in the market for "intelligent" or "smart" phones, which incorporate a range of applications and digital technology.

Microsoft, which has come out with its own smartphone reference design, counter-sued Sendo earlier this year, denying the claims and accusing the company of breaking a development contract.