Microsoft was miraculously unaffected by an earthquake that shook Seattle yesterday. While buildings in downtown Seattle collapsed, Microsoft's Redmond HQ - the opposite side of Lake Washington from Seattle – just carried on.

Judges spent the beginning of the week worrying about whether Microsoft should be broken up after all, and criticising Judge Jackson's personal and legal judgement. It seems not even yesterday's quake could achieve what Jackson tried.

The quake hit south of Seattle just as Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft, was making a speech to an educational conference in downtown Seattle. He was rushed from the building and the audience evacuated as soon as chandeliers in the hotel's ballroom began to sway.

Microsoft people were so reportedly unfazed PC Advisor wonders whether they aren't all robots.

"I ran out of the building and about four minutes later came back in and continued doing email," reported Microsoft spokesman Adam Sohn. "Employees are all back to work, [and] phone and internet access are as fast as ever and [Microsoft] sites are all available."

Microsoft manager Mike Kelly described the earthquake as the biggest he had experienced.

"I was bracing myself in the doorway," says Kelly via email. "Funny, my first reaction when it stopped is, 'Let me save my work on the computer'."