Nearly three in five secondary school pupils and 16 percent of primary pupils have mobile phones. The findings result from a survey of 54,000 UK schoolchildren, conducted by Census At School.

The study also found that nearly 65 percent of secondary school pupils and 54 percent of primary school pupils now have access to the internet at home. Nearly 85 percent of secondary school pupils and 78 percent of those in primary schools now have access to a computer at home.

“It shows that youngsters today are very high-tech and well-connected,” said a spokesman for Census At School. But as for how a constant barrage of phone calls and text messages might affect learning, Census At School says this should be addressed at school. "We want to leave this issue to the children and teachers to discuss in the classroom.”

Census At School is a survey of trends among UK schoolchildren, jointly organised by the Office National Statistics, Nottingham Trent University, the Royal Statistical Society, Maths Year 2000 and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.