Electronics manufacturer Samsung finished its world tour, DigitAll Inspiration 2002, in Paris on Friday having showcased some of its existing and upcoming products.

The emphasis was very much on wireless devices and home networking products. Samsung displayed the SPH-i700, a combined 3G wireless handset and PDA (personal digital assistant), as well as the HomePAD Refridgerator, which not only keeps drinks cool but also acts as the control centre for an entire home network.

Display technologies were also at the top of the list of the company's priorities, the LW40A13W is the first TFT LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) television to boast a 40in screen, its DVI (digital visual interface) port means it can also be used as a computer monitor.

"Samsung is very keen to introduce products that inspire consumers to embrace the future," Young-Cho Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe told delegates.

Cutting-edge products were certainly the order of the day as Samsung showed off the chip that will sit inside the world's first CompactFlash card with a capacity of 2GHz. The cards will be available in the early part of next year but it is likely they will initially carry a high price tag.

Samsung very clearly believes that digital technology is the way ahead. It recently posted record-breaking profits despite the general IT downturn, indicating its strategy is working.

"The future is being created by those who welcome challenge and innovation. Samsung Electronics is playing an important part in shaping the digital world of the future," said vice chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, Jong Yong Yun.