Samsung has unveiled the latest in a line of mobile phones that incorporate additional functions. This time, the South Korean company has built a PDA (personal digital assistant) into a mobile phone.

The telephone, which also is the smallest and thinnest handset yet developed by the company, features a touch-panel LCD (liquid crystal display) through which the telephone and PDA are operated. The screen is capable of showing four levels of grey and has a resolution of 120x240 pixels for displaying both text and images.

The PDA includes basic functions such as scheduling, telephone directory and notepad in addition to e-mail. The PDA can also be synchronised with Microsoft's Outlook email software for PCs by using utilities bundled with the telephone.

Other features include 8MB of flash memory and 8MB of DRAM (dynamic random access memory). Measuring 110x49x23mm, it weighs in at 132 grams.

Samsung said a standard battery offers 75 hours to 85 hours of standby use and 130 minutes of continuous talk time. An extended battery increases these to 140 hours to 155 hours and 240 minutes, respectively.

The Seoul-based company has a growing line of mobile telephones that include additional functions. Previous models include built in MP3 players, televisions and digital still cameras as well as one version that integrates a mobile phone into a wrist watch.