You wouldn’t normally expect to find a notebook with a dual-format DVD writer for under a grand, but AJP’s D410EV is just that.

With a 3GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor based on the Prescott core, as well as hyperthreading technology and 512MB of DDR RAM, the D410EV also promises to be able to handle just about anything you throw at it.

This notebook is not without its drawbacks though. A WorldBench 4 score of 118 is hardly record-breaking, but it’s adequate and about what we’d expect from a notebook with these specs.

When we ran the same tests after disconnecting the AJP from the mains, however, there was a significant drop in performance. The processor simply guzzled battery life.

Desktop-replacement notebooks are designed to be connected to the mains most of the time, but you can use the battery. However, the D410EV will only work for one hour – the worst result ever seen in the PC Advisor Test Centre.

The 60GB hard disk offers plenty of onboard storage. The 15in screen is a good size and the 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics card performs well.

The D410EV from AJP is a decent, but not outstanding, notebook with a good set of specifications, a sturdy and solid chassis and a reasonable price tag. It could only act as a desktop replacement though, as its battery life is appalling.

  • AJP:
  • £970 inc VAT

  • Build quality: 7/10
  • Features: 8/10
  • Value for money: 9/10