The anti-virus Kaspersky Lab has discovered an internet-worm capable of infecting a PC through a contaminated web site.

The worm has been named ‘Jer’ by the head of the Moscow-based lab, Eugene Kaspersky. He revealed: “The appearance of this worm demonstrates the technology of ‘promoting’ viruses on the Internet. A virus is placed on a web site. Then its owner carries out an aggressive promotional campaign to attract users to this site.”

The ‘Jer’ worm is a script-program, which launches when an infected HTML page is opened. The surfer then receives a warning of an unknown script.

In a statement from the lab it revealed: “This method exploits so-called ‘mind breaches’: to avoid this annoying message a user usually answers ‘yes’. At this moment, the worm will pass in to the computer.”

Despite concerns that this marks the latest development in virus dispersal, the virus does have errors in its code, which will limit its spread. It can only be spread over IRC channels – not email.

However on the 2 July this trap caught and infected over 1000 surfers according to Kaspersky.