Germany's T-Online is still interested in acquiring Freeserve according to published reports.

The Sunday Observer and the Dow Jones International News Service, for example, have both reported that talks are ongoing between the ISPs (Internet service providers), despite an apparent failure to reach an agreement last month.

A spokesman for Freeserve's parent company, Dixons Group, who asked not to be named, referred reporters to a statement released 26 June, which said in part, "Freeserve and Dixons have had discussions with a number of parties, including T-Online, about a variety of potential transactions. Whilst certain discussions continue, Freeserve does not expect that this process will lead in the near future to a bid for the whole of Freeserve."

"That's really all that we have to say at this time," said the spokesman.

Dixons announced in May that is was "considering its options" with respect to its 80 percent share in Freeserve.