It's not looking good for Xbox if PC Advisor's readers are to be believed.

Barely one in twenty readers (6.1 percent) expressed an interest in buying Microsoft's much hyped games console in a recent poll on the PC Advisor website.

In fact more than a quarter of respondents (26.6 percent) are evidently too busy to indulge in anything as frivolous as game playing, indicating no interest in such a youthful practice.

The Xbox is expected to face stiff competition from Sony's PlayStation 2, and more than one in ten (10.2 percent) of you reckon you'll be sticking with the tried and tested Playstation platform.

And while shoppers continue to shun what was once the consumer's flavour of the month, getting on for half (41.2 percent) of our respondents reckon their existing PC does gaming perfectly well and see no point in making an additional purchase.

Tentatively due for UK launch on 14 March 2002, Xbox will also play DVDs, as Playstation 2 does.

With its 8GB hard drive, Pentium III 733MHz processor, and Ethernet connectivity for online gaming and internet access, the Xbox will be more of a PC/console hybrid than Nintendo's Gamecube or Sony's Playstation 2.

Xbox will carry a suggested retail price of 479 euros, which will probably result in a UK price of £299.99.