Plus: get Panda support, and importing WordArt objects in Word or Publisher.

This article appears in the November 06 issue of PC Advisor, onsale now in all good newsagents.

Keep a cool lap
Andrew Stocker's Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop kept restarting at random. After checking the usual culprits, Andrew thought the problem might be overheating, as the computer got very hot.

After removing the CPU cover and unscrewing the heatsink, he was surprised to find that only half the CPU had any thermal transfer compound on it and the cooling system was full of dust. After the application of some Arctic Silver and a good cleanout Andrew’s laptop is now keeping its cool.

Panda problem solver
Over the years we have received occasional questions related to Panda antivirus products, sometimes because the readers couldn't get a satisfactory answer from Panda Software.

Thankfully, that should now be in the past. Panda has opened a forum at, where you can get help with technical issues or simply make comments and suggestions.

So if you have problems with Panda Software, give it a try!

Get a handle on it
Lawrie Jenkins was having trouble importing WordArt into Word or Publisher documents using Microsoft Office SBE 2003.

The WordArt objects did not have the handles that allow them to be rotated or moved around the page. Lawrie asked Helpline, but before we could reply, he found the answer to his own problem and was kind enough to pass it on. If the wrapping style is in line with text then Word sometimes displays only rectangular sizing handles. So if you encounter this problem, change the wrapping style.