The name Quantex will live on after managing director Alan Gower stumped up £300,000 from his own pockets, vowing to honour the warranties of all existing customers.

Doubt had been cast on the troubled PC manufacturer’s longevity after US company Fountain Technologies, which supplied technical support and components to Quantex, filed for bankruptcy at the end of August.

Overly dependent on Fountain for its components, Quantex – until Monday a fully-owned subsidiary of its US parent company Quantex Microsystems - found itself without supply and unable to provide adequate support to existing customers.

PC Advisor has been inundated with queries in the past weeks from frustrated readers and visitors unable to get through to the Stevenage-based box shifter.

Gower told PC Advisor he was taking on 30 staff to handle support queries and that his new company, which has been registered under the name of Quantex Computer Ltd, is working with an unnamed third party manufacturer allowing it to sell Quantex-badged machines.

Gower, a Welshman, revealed he was looking for manufacturing facilities in the Stevenage area but said it would be several months before the factory was up and running.

“We’ve cut ourselves off completely from the US,” he said. “When the US sneezes we always seem to catch a cold, so we’re going it alone. My lawyers tell me I’m mad. ‘Walk away from it,’ they say. ‘You could lose your house’.”

In the company’s recent dark hours, Gower claimed to have resorted to carrying out telephone support from his own home. “It’s all about customers,” he said. “If one of them had had lost a penny I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night."

An increasingly bullish Gower claimed that Quantex will shift 75,000 PCs in the coming year.