Samsung, one of the world's largest manufacturers of memory chips, has announced its backing for the QDR (quad data rate) high-speed memory chip standard, and joined the team of four companies developing the technology.

The addition of Samsung to the list of supporters of QDR RAM is a big boost for the format. QDR RAM chips are being designed for use in high-speed computer and telecomms equipment, and other applications where memory data needs to be shifted around at speeds above 200MHz.

The secret of the chip's high speed is that it has two ports, each running at double data rate. The result is four data items, consisting of two reads and two writes, for each clock cycle.

Samsung said it hopes to begin supplying samples of new 18Mb (megabit) chips by the fourth quarter of this year with commercial availability slated for the first quarter of 2002. Samples of 36Mb chips are expected to follow in the first quarter of 2002 with commercial quantities available in the second quarter of next year.