The waiting is over. The final specifications for the PC Advisor Virtual PC are in, a winner has been chosen, the components have been assembled, and the resulting system is humming proudly in our Test Centre having given the leading PC vendors the hiding of their lives.

Throughout July we invited website visitors to take part in our Virtual PC forum. The challenge was to submit the perfect specification for a Superbudget PC and then, armed with a virtual £699 (ex VAT in line with our own Superbudget Top 10 chart) to source those components from the best value online suppliers.

The deal was that we at PC Advisor would choose the winning specification, buy in the components, put the system together, test it using our standard Worldbench software and then hand it back to the original winner as a well-earned trophy.

So let’s hear it for cjkace (that’s his nickname), who, in the view of our technical experts came nearest to Superbudget perfection. He may not be the most regular poster to our forums, but it was his spec list that caught the eye of our reviews team.

“The thing that really stood out was cjkace’s choice of DDR (double data rate) RAM,” said Will Head,” deputy reviews editor for PC Advisor. “When you’re on a tight budget the price/performance gain from DDR is money well spent.”

Once fully assembled cjkace’s PC was put through its paces in our Test Centre and turned in some impressive results. So impressive that it actually beat every system in the existing (September) charts. “Had it been a PC from an established vendor it would definitely have scooped our Best Buy award,” said Head.

For an in-depth look at the Reader’s PC, how we put it together, and the problems we experienced sourcing the components from a variety of online suppliers, check out the Workshop section of the next edition of PC Advisor (November).

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