South Korea's Gmate plans to unveil a folding-type version of its Linux PDA (personal digital assistant) at the Comdex Fall 2001 show in Las Vegas next month, a company executive has revealed.

The new Yopy PDA folds open, just like a clamshell-type mobile telephone, to reveal a 3.5in colour LCD (liquid crystal display) on the top half and a 40-key keypad on the bottom half.

Gmate is also developing a clip-on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) modem to allow users to access the internet. Don't expect this to transfer instantly to Europe, but as CDMA is the basis for 3G mobile technology this could well be the shape of things to come.

Its specifications are similar to those of GMate's original Yopy PDA, which looks like a conventional PDA. It is based on a 206MHz, 32-bit StrongARM processor and runs GMate's Linupy ARM Linux operating system. The memory in the new PDA, 64MB of RAM and 16MB of ROM, is an improvement on the old model.

Connectors include a slot for Multimedia memory cards, an infrared IrDA port capable of speeds up to 115kbps (kilobits per second), RS232C and USB sockets and connectors for a microphone and headphones.

Software onboard includes a web browser, email software, MP3 music player, schedule managers, engineering calculator, image viewer and voice recorder.

The new PDA measures approximately 100x70x15mm and weighs around 140g. Gmate expects to start shipping the new Yopy in November.