Samsung plans to ship to China its mobile phone with a built-in 7Mp camera. A spokeswoman said the phone would be available later this year.

This marks the first time that the company has made a version of its 7Mp cameraphone available outside its home market of South Korea, said Erin Lee, a Samsung spokeswoman. "China is the only market outside South Korea where we are offering our most advanced products," she said.

Samsung is showing the cameraphone, the SCH-M709, at its booth at the PT Expo (PT/Wireless & Networks Comm China 2005 exhibition) in Beijing this week.

The SCH-M709 is built for CDMA 2000-1X mobile networks and is designed to look like a phone on one side and a digital camera on the other. The cameraphone has a 7Mp camera with a 3X optical zoom and a 5X digital zoom and can take digital still pictures and video. The SCH-M709 also has a built-in MP3 player and has TV output.

The phone has a 240 pixel by 320 pixel LCD screen capable of showing 16 million colors and weighs in at 160g. Its dimensions are 124mm by 52mm by 27mm. The SCH-M709 will be available in China during December. Pricing has not been announced, but comparable models sell for around £513 inc VAT, Lee said.

While the SCH-M709 will only be available in China, Samsung could roll out the phone in other countries, depending on customer demand and the response from operators, Lee said.