PC maker Polar Technology has joined the slew of smaller companies succumbing to the tough economic climate, going into liquidation back in June.

Thanks go to ConsumerWatch visitor Miker76 for drawing our attention to this. He had bought a system from Polar, but when he tried to contact the company about a support query he found all the phone lines were "temporarily unavailable".

It seems Polar must have pulled down their own phone system, as BT had no record of a problem with any of the numbers we asked them to check.

Miker76 also tried to email the company, but found his messages bounced back. This is no surprise as, despite the fact that the website doesn't give any indication that anything is amiss, Polar Technology, went under a couple of months ago.

A source close to the company said that while Polar had been struggling, what led the directors to pull the plug was a burglary during which stock was stolen. According to our source the company had trouble getting their insurance to pay out and this was the final blow that pushed them into voluntary liquidation.

Any customers who wish to find out more should contact the liquidators, Grant Thornton, on 0161 834 5414, or write to them at Heron House, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 8GT.