The PC Advisor ConsumerWatch forum likes to report on good service as well as uncovering vendor misbehaviour. "Credit where credit is due," we like to say. This month it's pat on the back time for erstwhile bad-boy ISP Pipex.

Pipex made a lot of the early ADSL running back in the summer, with aggressive pricing and promotions. But its sub-£25 monthly service hasn't been without its problems, with hundreds of users experiencing technical difficulties. This, in turn, lead to a huge influx of inbound calls to the Pipex support desk, many of which the company was unable to process.

To deal with the increase phone traffic, Pipex increased its support staff by a third, bringing the total to 90 people. The increase in staff appears to be paying dividends according to PC Advisor reader and forum stalwart, Ray Cutts.

At the end of November, Ray had cause to request help from Pipex support about an ADSL dialup problem. The phone was answered within 10 seconds and he was swiftly taken through a checking procedure. All was fine at Ray's end, so a 'ticket' was sent to BT to check things at their end. Two hours later he was up and running again. "I am very grateful to both Pipex and BT on their quick response to my problem," he exclaimed. "I am now one very happy bunny."

Fellow reader and forum star Derek Loader, has also noted a distinct improvement. He first signed up to Pipex ADSL in March last year, and found "their telephone customer support was so bad, that it was almost non existent. It could take well over 30 minutes to speak to someone," he explains. "We were assured, via this forum, that new advisors were under training, and things would improve. Well they have."