Images have appeared on the internet of a new addition to the Asus Eee PC lineup - the Asus Eee Monitor. The Eee Monitor is an all-in-one PC built into a 19in screen, rather like the Apple iMac.

Asus announced that it was working on an all-in-one, monitor based Eee PC late in January. The Eee Monitor was first shown off at Computex in June.

Expected to be built around Intel's Atom chip, the Eee Monitor should cost around $500 (£250). And if it follows the now traditional Eee PC pattern, it will have these specs or similar: 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB DDR 2 memory and 80GB hard drive.

According to reports the Eee Monitor will have a plethora of connectivity options, with up to six USB ports, an ethernet port and a card reader, a modem jack, line-in and -out audio jacks, and a mic socket.

There doesn't appear to be any digital connectivity however, with no DVI or VGA reported.

The Eee Monitor's screen bezel sports a webcam and a pair of speakers.

There are loads of images on the next page. For related articles, visit PC Advisor's Asus Eee PC news spotlight for the latest on Asus' ultrapopular range of ultraportable PCs.

Eee Monitor

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