Brits throw away almost seven million disastrous photos a year costing around £30m in wasted camera film, according to results from Lexmark. The printer manufacturer hopes the survey will encourage buyers to invest in one of its recently launched photo printers.

The poll of 1,500 consumers revealed the top five reasons for destroying photos are:
— to get rid of embarrassing or unflattering photos (42 percent);
— to erase an ex from their life (21 percent);
— because of poor quality/over exposure (19 percent);
— because the subject is just plain boring (6 percent);
— due to a random person appearing in the background (2 percent);

Digital camera sales are still going strong, with around 24 percent of Brits now owning one. Lexmark says people chose to go digital because of the flexibility it offers ? most notably the ability to view and delete a bad photo.

Other points raised by the study were that Londoners are surprisingly camera shy, without almost half editing photos of themselves before showing them to friends and family. However, only one fifth of Scottish respondents are bashful about their snaps.

Lexmark's full range of printers are available on its website.

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