If you're hoping for a brand spanking new PC from Santa, you'd better persuade your loved ones to get their orders in pronto.

Posing as a PC punter, we approached all the vendors in our Top 10 Power PC chart to see who could shift a box in time for the big day.

The results are now in.

PC Advisor Best Buy winner Mesh, is still looking good with a five working day turnaround for its Matrix XP 1900-R85.

In stark contrast, archrival Evesham reckons it would be well into the first week of 2002 before it could successfully deliver its PC Advisor Recommended Axis 1.5e system.

What a difference a year makes. This time last year PC Advisor reader and regular forum visitor Mike Dagen was twiddling his thumbs waiting for the New Year PC sales.

But with only a week to go before Christmas he cracked and plumped for an Evesham machine, which to his delight turned up within three days.

Back in the present Hi-Grade is also a no, no. According to sales executive Lee Chapman, you're looking at around three weeks if you fancy the PC Advisor Recommended Meridian XP1.8G PA.

Meanwhile Carrera SSC might not produce the fastest machines (its Octan Foresight 4260 is currently propping up our chart at number nine), but it does appear to deliver quicker than its rivals. Three days is the current quoted turnaround.

Watford Electronics is also an option. Its Hurricane 1400 CRT, nestling comfortably in fifth position, could be with you within three to five working days, leaving you plenty of breathing space to ponder software stocking fillers.