High street PC retailer PC World will get its knuckles rapped on Wednesday when TV advert watchdog the iTC announces it has upheld a complaint against the firm for making "misleading" claims in TV ads.

PC Advisor can reveal the advert, broadcast in November 2001 for a Packard Bell 2GHz Pentium 4, has been deemed misleading by the iTC because it claimed that potential buyers would experience 'faster internet' due to the use of a P4 chip.

According to documents seen by PC Advisor, nearly 150 people thought strongly enough that this was the patent nonsense it is to complain to the iTC or the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) about the ad.

The iTC asked PC World to suspend the ad until its investigation was complete. Now that the iTC has upheld the complaint it will not be able to show the ad again.

Today PC World said the firm had "no comment" about the decision. The iTC refused to give PC Advisor any comment on the story as it has officially 'embargoed' the story until Wednesday this week.

According to the documents we've seen, when the complaint was first brought to PC World the firm objected, saying 'several combined factors influence the overall internet experience', which is true in the sense that it isn't actually saying anything, but the retailer agreed that 'the phone line and modem govern the speed of the internet connection'.