Retailer PC World has revealed it plans to stop selling Linux-based netbooks in it stores.

"Customers want a decent, usable screen size and keyboard, and a software system they are familiar with," said Jeremy Fennell, category director at PC World.

"Despite initial hype that netbooks would move more users onto the Linux platform, Microsoft has emerged as the preferred operating system because Windows makes it easier to share content, and provides customers with a simpler, more familiar computing experience on the move."

Fennell said all netbooks sold in PC World will now run Windows, and have larger screens and keyboards. The company also plans to offer a greater choice of colours to satisfy customers demand for performance, design and familiarity.

Microsoft's Leila Martine added: "PC World's decision to only stock Windows netbooks is part of a global trend which has seen our share of the netbook market jump from 10 percent in February last year to 96 percent a year later. People have been choosing Windows netbooks because they provide greater functionality, familiarity, compatibility and simplicity."