PC Advisor visitors have voted superstore computer chain PC World the UK's number one offender when it comes to aftersales service.

Over a total of six days the poll attracted just under 1,000 votes, with nearly one in four (24 percent) awarding the service wooden spoon to PC World.

In second place with 17.4 percent came direct PC vendor Mesh, which was deprived of this month's Best Buy award despite coming top of PC Advisor's Top 10 Power PCs chart, because of a slew of complaints over the box shifter's customer service.

Troubled showroom retailer Time took bronze with 15.8 percent. This will come as some relief to the Burnley-based company, which usually does even worse in service surveys.

Time was once again pipped by archrival Tiny, which provoked a lower response rate of 12.9 percent.

Squeaky-clean, business supremo Dell brought up the rear, with just 5.7 percent.

As a number of our visitors have pointed out, this straw poll is not the most scientific way of measuring customer service. As ever, the poll was intended as an industry weathervane, indicating which way the proverbial winds are blowing.

Responding to the results of our poll PC World's managing director, Simon Turner was eager to point out that given the chain's sheer market presence, it shouldn't be surprising that the retail giant should attract such as high share of the vote.

"If you weighted our market shares against others — it wouldn't be so bad," he said. "If we were all the same on service you should be getting a lot more from us than others."

Turner refused to reveal the extent of PC World’s domination of the retail channel for PC sales, or the company’s overall market share. However, according to research company Verdict, PC World accounted for 8.8 percent of electrical retail sales last year, and you can bet PCs and notebooks accounted for a significant whack of that percentage.

For a more in-depth exploration of PC World’s plans to combat its reputation for poor service, check our online news coverage next week.

This poll is the just the beginning of a PC Advisor initiative to monitor the quality of service provided by UK PC and notebook vendors. Watch out for more in the coming weeks.