It's hard to believe that this time last year we'd never clapped eyes on the Apple iPhone. Just 12 short months ago Microsoft's Xbox wasn't part of the Elite, Santa Rosa sounded like a dodgy bottle of pink plonk and when Microsoft told us that Windows Vista was the most significant product in history, some of us were inclined to believe it.

A year is a long time in technology, but little hype gets past PC Advisor readers. This year 10 product reviews have attracted more attention than any of the other 1,500 and more you can read online all day, every day.

The top 10 products include security software, a multifunction photo printer, a games console, two phones and - yes - one operating system. Oh, and there's even a couple of PCs!

But you may be surprised at some of our most popular products - and we'd wager that our number one product of 2007 will not be what you were expecting. It certainly wasn't what Microsoft was hoping for.

Here then, in reverse order, are PC Advisor readers' 10 most popular products of 2007:

10. Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo notebook PCs

Since its debut in May 2006, the Apple MacBook laptop family has earned a place in the pantheon of Apple's all-time greatest hits. The sturdy, Intel-powered MacBook notebooks have been so popular with consumers, especially students, that they've helped Apple nearly double its laptop sales over the past year or so.

The enhancements that Apple made to the MacBook this summer certainly weren't revolutionary - they were more of an evolutionary step. But as the saying goes - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Apple knows when it's on to a winner.

Apple MacBook

Read our review of the Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo notebook PCs here.

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