Microsoft is facing an uphill battle when it comes to flogging its latest suite of applications.

Nearly half of the respondents to the most recent PC Advisor website poll indicated they would never upgrade to Office XP, despite Microsoft's best efforts to convince of us of its life-changing benefits.

Just over 40 percent accepted that one day they might have to bow to the inevitable, bite the bullet and upgrade.

And less than one in 10 indicated they would be upgrading either right away or in the near future.

With more than half its revenue coming from sales of its Office products, Microsoft is turning up the heat on both its business and home customers in a bid to squeeze yet more income from its latest Office suite.

The company stopped selling volume licence copies of Office XP’s predecessor - Office 2000 - at the end of May and will remove single-user licences from its price list at the end of July.

You can pick up an upgrade of Office XP Standard Version for around £190 inc VAT or you can fork out £260 inc VAT for an upgrade of Office XP Professional Upgrade, which comes with the database application Access.

Microsoft's Office XP product manager Mike Pryke-Smith, claimed not to be disheartened by the results. "We would expect in the region of 30 percent to upgrade in a six to 12 month time frame," he said.

"People tend to be happy with what they've got until they see something better. Seeing is believing."

He said heaviest users of the suite would reap the biggest rewards, with power users gaining an hour's worth of productivity per day.

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