Rising above the petty PC vs. Mac squabbles that have bedevilled the computer industry for over a decade, PC Advisor is extending a conciliatory olive branch by reviewing its first ever Apple product.

The Power Mac G4 Cube is the latest, and perhaps most innovative, computer to come out of the Apple stable to date. Rather than turn our noses up at such an attractive piece of kit, PC Advisor’s lab rats jumped at the opportunity to review the Cube and subjected it to our usual rigorous testing procedures.

If you are a confirmed PC user, with a large catalogue of software, you’ll probably be put off by the Mac OS – Apple’s alternative to Windows, which means it won’t support any Windows applications.

But if this is your first computer, or you’re ready for a change from Windows, then the Cube could be for you. Apple’s designers have managed to squeeze all the power found in its G4 desktop computers into an 8in white cube suspended in a transparent plastic case.

You can read the full review when the November issue of the magazine hits the shelves 28 November.

In a recent poll on the www.techadvisor.co.uk web site, thousands of welcome Mac fans flocked to the web site to have their say in a debate that contrasted the computer buying habits and hairstyles of PC and Apple users.

Over a 48-hour period more than 27,000 votes were counted on the site. Many respondents disagreed with the poll’s statement that the popularity of Macs was restricted to the creative community, where even today ponytails are not uncommon.